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We are pleased to welcome you in our website full of colors, adventures and heroes. You will enter a magical world where amusing and mischievous characters spring to life, so vivid that you will think they came straight off the TV or cinema screen, or from the world of fantasy! They come to meet you and experience new adventures with you. They come to be your companions in every-day life, adding beauty, colors and most importantly, good mood. From the kitchen to the living room, from the breakfast table to the office and from the dining room to the bedroom, the unique objects will accompany you in all your day-to-day activities: in modern shapes and colors, with often rebellious and playful design, and above all, embodying the protagonists of our childhood years that many generations grew up with. It is like they tell us to close our eyes and invite us in the new adventures.

Would you be able to resist?

Imagine Factory

Our basic line is dedicated to products related to comics, cartoons, cinema and the fantasy world. Secondary we dispose many gifts and gadgets, who set the most up-to-day trends in the market. Our products are unique and distinguished from the competitors by the originality of their design, the aesthetics, the high quality and reasonable prices

Wholesale (B2B)

If you feel you share our philosophy, and would like to create your own place in the market, do not hesitate to contact us, in order to discuss the opportunities of franchising with us. We will afford you “the know how” and support, providing you with our exclusive and unique products that really make a difference….

Corner Shop

If you believe in the dynamics of our products, you are welcome to explore the opportunities of creating a corner or a space into your store, dedicated to our products and you will shortly realize what it means to “take off”………

Commercial Cooperation

With our large variety of products, it is certain, that each store can find products that will match their style and philosophy. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and our agent will visit your store in order to discuss in detail the possibilities of our cooperation.

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